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“Don’t let your faulty equipment (electronics hardware) eat your space and peace of mind’’

About Cellnfra Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

CTS, an innovative, process-driven, customer-friendly business model that will disrupt the largely unorganized market for post-sales services for the Repair market. We are building a trusted brand of on-demand repair services that can be scaled further to disrupt other related segments.

“There is a huge scope of improvement in after-sales operations of Telecommunication equipment repairs – in terms of process adherence, customer experience and adoption of technology, specifically in the hardware repair vertical’’
CTS uses the advanced tech tools to repair and deliver the equipment’s in the minimum possible time with real-time updates to customers using the best of repair processes and to ensure the highest quality, all this, at a transparent and affordable cost. 




Lack of support from the manufacturer is the main reason why a company would choose to replace the equipment in their network, this needs more CAPEX and OPEX as well, CTS aims to counteract this by repair and replacement of faulty equipment.

Telecom network equipment repair is an important operation in telecom maintenance services. The operation can have several different purposes and processes. If the network is failing or is not fully operating, telecom network equipment repair on site has to conduct professionally and fast.

Professional telecom repair and testing services are one of CTS core competence. Long experience in Industrial repair and testing solutions and medical repair service has created a wide portfolio to service customers.CTS is specialized for specific customer needs. High mix – low volume complex telecom products are proceeding via the CTS process. High volume – low mix telecom repair and testing service creates cost-efficient solutions for customer demand.

Our tailored and complete engineering services are used e.g. for testing, verifications, product upgrades, product design changes and maintenance services. Our telecom reverse engineering team has very experienced personnel to create telecom network equipment repair capability not only to ourselves but also to customer for their own purposes. Telecom reverse engineering enables telecom network hardware maintenance services independently without OEM support especially to aging networks. This telecom reverse engineering can gain significant cost savings and network usage extension when particular products are mandatory to be working.

CTS can provide a complete and custom multi-vendor repair hubbing solution for all your faulty products and systems.

Technologies: 2-4G, Optical, Power, FTTX CPE products, IT products

CTS offers repair and refurbishment services for most of the current generation equipment still being installed today, equipment just coming out of warranty, and legacy equipment still in use.

We are equipped and staffed to provide an in-house turnaround time that averages 6 business days, which makes us one of the best in the industry.

As a result of screening and testing spares prior to delivery you will increase and improve usage.  All in all, you will have a much simpler audit process and a decrease in lost or misplaced assets.

CTS has a wide range of telecom screening solutions for different technologies in the telecom services industry. Using CTS know-how and solutions, telecom screening can be executed centralized at CTS facility (Bengaluru) or localized to customer premises PAN India. CTS telecom screening services include full support i.e equipment screening &testing, Repair, and delivery.

Industrial electronics repair services include professional electronics products such as Industrial communication systems, control systems, and power systems.


All unnecessary steps must be removed. Products are clearly moving to the next phase without delay.


Strict process analyses will help to improve both processes and practices. Bottlenecks can be eliminated, when facts show where products to be repaired are unnecessarily lying. Clear process steps also help to control the phase of the products in the process and knowing always what the next step is.


It is usual that workflow to the repair center varies. Sometimes the faulty stocks are full, sometimes empty. Ideally, the customer and repair center plan and forecast together with the capacities in order to reduce volume variation. The total cost analyzed together with the electronics repair service provider and customer, this way both parties win. Savings by collecting larger shipments might be at the end costlier due to the repair center capacity challenges. On the other hand, the outcome can be just the opposite. The total cost can be lower, but repair time increases – which also has its costs.


The repair should be managed with high-quality results in the first place. If repairs are not done carefully, the final testing fails… and the work has to be done again. Secondly, high-quality repairs perform better in use and avoid another failure. Responsible and skillful repair technicians and engineers are an asset for high productivity

There is a good chance that our business models for hardware services can often be summed up in two words: sell volume or repair as many numbers we can. That is to say, that the number one strategy for providing value and increasing revenue for us is just to repair electronics hardware more of whatever technologies in telecommunications or in the industrial segment.

We help customers to save money in CAPEX and OPEX, we expect some percentage from that only, so it will not be a burden on our customers, its only from their saving that they need to pay to us.